Home Security Checklist

This home security checklist offers 5 tips that I found useful. Thank you. -Bob M.

Keep valuables stored out of view

Most small time criminals are opportunists. You are much less likely to get burglarized if you do not tempt thieves with your valuables.. Dirtbikes, art, tools, etc should be stowed away and kept out of sight.

Insure that there is adequate exterior lighting

Many criminals like to hide in dark places in order to find the right moment to break into a property. By installing exterior lights around your property you will be 5 times more secure.

Always check your locks

Do you check your locks when you leave to insure that all doors and windows are locked? This is the most simple thing that you can do to improve the overall security of your home.

Install a high quality surveillance system

Surveillance systems are not only a way to prosecute criminals but they are also a good deterrent. The installation of a high quality surveillance system will improve your overall security drastically.

Purchase high quality locks.

Most doors have to be up to code as mandated by the City. You can count on doors to be relatively secure. The weakest point is the lock. The purchase of higher quality locks insures a higher level of security.

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Going on a holiday to Hawaii or Paris seems exhilarating to you. You have booked your flight tickets, done hotel reservations, packed your favorite jerseys, packed camera and so on. Hey, but are you forgetting anything? Yes, you are leaving your lovely home behind. Your favorite space, personal room, valuables, electronic devices, expensive furniture, etc.
It is a challenge to safeguard your home when you are away on a holiday or on a business trip, along with your family members. Our home is a part of our life

Following are the significant aspects to be taken care of in the home security checklist:

  • Visibility of the valuables from the street
  • Visibility of the doors and windows from the street
  • Material of doors – is it wood or metal or any other?
  • Brightness in the entry route and pathways
  • Visibility of the house number from the street
  • Visibility of the person opening the door
  • Availability of cell phone in case of cutting of telephone lines
  • Availability of spare keys with the neighbor
  • During traveling, collection of mail at the post office
  • Monitoring of your home through yard signs or any other aspect
  • Access of fire extinguishers in the interior part of your home
  • Use of deadbolt locks on all the interior doors and front door
  • Installation of motion-sensor lights
  • Locks on sliding doors
  • Secondary locks on windows
  • Recording details of your personal property
  • Storage of valuables in a safe vault or deposit
  • Awareness about your neighbors
  • Places where you leave your house key in case of emergency
  • Locking of backyard gate, grills, bikes, etc.
  • Locking of doors at several occasions
  • Shredding of unnecessary documents prior to its disposal
  • Kind of fitting of doors into the frames
  • Watch program of the neighbors, if any
  • Rekeying of the doors since your moving in
  • Recent break-ins your neighboring area
  • Securing mail slots, pet places and vents
  • Brightness in the exterior part of your home
  • Home alarm systems and its regular monitoring
  • Installation of surveillance cameras and their proper functioning
  • Proper functioning of carbon monoxide detectors
    Proper functioning of smoke detectors
  • Storage of ladders and tools in a safe area
  • Installation of a home security system
  • Details of your residential locksmith recorded in your mobile and address book