What kind of residential door lock will you get?

doorA great residential lock is the key to keeping your home safe. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you may opt to have more than one type to add extra security.

Choosing high quality locks is your peace of mind. Are you going to throw away your peace of mind for a cheap lock? It simply is not worth it. Here are some different kinds of locks that you can start familiarizing yourself with.

Sliding Locks
This is an interior lock, and is generally installed on interior doors that lead outside. They can also be installed on windows, which is ideal for children’s bedrooms. Many homeowners opt to use this in combination with a traditional key lock and a deadbolt to increase security. The ideal placement is up high so that children are unable to reach it. It’s also a great option for basement doors, to prevent injuries in homes with small children.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts
These are the strongest and safest key locks for home use. It’s sturdy, and hard to break through without destroying the frame, or the door itself. It’s an excellent theft deterrent.
This requires a key for exit and for entry, however, a turning lock can be used on the interior so that keys aren’t required for interior use.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts
This is a simple lock option. It’s a hand turned thumb lock. A key is required for entry from the exterior. This lock would be more than sufficient in an area where with low crime rates. Getting through even a single cylinder deadbolt would be difficult without damaging the frame and the door.

Privacy Locks
This is another lock for the interior, perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. It’s a traditional doorknob that lacks a keyhole. From the interior, the door is locked when a button is pressed. The door then unlocks when the knob is turned from the inside. This is often seen in public restrooms, but it’s a great choice for homes, too, as children can easily operate them. Additionally, it’s a simple method for the elderly to manage.

Keyed Entry Locks
These are the most commonly used options in the locksmith world. They come in a variety of sizes and style. To be effective, the locking mechanism must be perfectly aligned with the section affixed to the door frame. Just one centimetre off and the lock is unstable.

Handle Sets
Rather than the traditional round knob, some homeowners prefer a level type of handle. This needs more attention, and poor installation leaves the lock unstable.

Passage Lockset
This has multiple locking mechanisms and two knobs. It creates a line of locks, and is generally used in unsafe neighbourhoods and apartment buildings.

Mortise Lock
It may seem like it’s too high tech for a home, but it’s still a great choice. A rectangular box is installed, with a faceplate over it. The knobs and keyholes fit over the faceplate, too.

Keyless Entry System
This is a high-end technology that is seen in high end homes. This setup requires thumbprint recognition or a keypad system. There can be a default code for each family member to use, or each person can have their own individual code.


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