Do you need a locksmith service right now? What time is it now? Is it late? No problem because our emergency locksmith services will take care of your needs because we understand how it feels to be locked out of your home or car.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services

One of the best things about our emergency locksmith business in Houston is that we are always here waiting for your phone call. Most of our dedicated customers save our phone number into their cellphone for the peace of mind that get knowing that we are always just one phone call away when they need our services. Have peace of mind all the time with My Locksmith in Houston! Input our emergency locksmith phone number into your phone right now. (713)861-2292

Fast Emergency Locksmith Calls.

No one deserves to be locked out. When it’s an emergency we will go the extra mile to respond quickly. In most cases we can be at your door in under 30 minutes if you live within a 60 mile radius of Downtown Houston.

Full-Service Emergency Locksmith Services

We are a full-service emergency locksmith and all of the locksmith services listed on our website are available on an emergency basis. This includes the following services:

While many other emergency locksmith services will charge an additional fee for emergency locksmith services we do not. Every call that we go on has the same standard service call rates with no additional costs involved. We do this because we like offering a fair service at a great price. This single principle is what our locksmith business is based upon.

In many cases our customers who call us are under stress. We know this and go out of our way to make the whole process as seamless for you as possible. From the initial phone call that you make to us, to when we arrive, to ultimately the emergency locksmith services that we provide to you, we will make you feel better and get you back on track where you belong. There is quite possibly no other emergency locksmith service in Houston that is as pleasant and easy to deal with than our locksmith business in Houston!