Here at My Locksmith in Houston we take your privacy and the privacy of our website visitors very seriously. To us your ultimate privacy is crucial in order to maintain your anonymity and your faith in our locksmith services.

Personal data collecting and usage information:

You can have confidence in our locksmith business and feel assured that what ever information we collect within our contact us page, social media profiles and elsewhere is secure with us. Protecting your private information is paramount. We will never sell or share your private information with anyone, any entity or else where, ever.

Cookies and related tracking: may use cookies or other technologies to collect information about your computer, operating system, browser and location. This information will never be shared with a third party or other entity.

Website security:

We have gone to extreme lengths to encrypt and secure our website. There may be some cases where we are not able to protect your information from criminals with advanced technologies to steel information from our website. Because of these concerns we consistently update our website weekly with the latest anti-virus, protection software, plugins and preventative measures.

Legal requests:

If law enforcement or other legal government entity requests private data from us in the form of a warrant or request we will cooperate without question.

What we do with the information that we collect:

  • We use it to help improve the user and customer experience of our locksmith services.
  • For internal record keeping so that we diligently keep track of our business.
  • Sometimes we send out newsletters and emails to update our customers.

Questions about your privacy? Contact us now.

If ever you have questions regarding our privacy policy please feel free to contact us at anytime. To contact us now you can use the contact us form on our contact page. Or you can call us directly to get more information. (713)861-2292

We can also be contacted via postal mail at the following:

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