Zach Y. , Houston, TX | After a night out with friends, I came home only to realize that I had completely lost my entire set of keys! It had everything: my house key, car key, even bike lock key! My Houson Locksmith got me back into my house within 30 minutes and made me new keys for everything. Awesome service!

Olivia V., Stafford, TX | I just took over the family business. My parents remembered to give everything…except the keys to the safe in the back! I called up My Houston Locksmith to see what I could do about it. We decided to just re-key the safe, and I got my new set of keys.

Ben R., Cypress, TX | I recently bought this old farmhouse for my family to move into. It’s amazing, but the locks on the front door kept getting stuck. I finally got fed up and had My Houston Locksmith come out and fix it. He did it in less than 30 min and was super nice and helpful the entire time. Great service!

Paul K., Houston, TX | I have no idea how, but the locks on my car doors got completely jammed. My Houston Locksmith helped me out by completely replacing the locks and hooking me up with a new set of keys. I’m so glad I called them; they did a great job, and it didn’t even cost me that much.

Nelson V., Houston | I came back from Vegas, at the airport i realized that we left the home and car keys in the hotel, So we called “My Houston locksmith” and withing 20 min we were inside the House and the kind technician was making a key for our Yukon as well, affordable prices and great timing. And most of all kind and helpful service.