Locksmith Unlock AutoReplacing your lost car keys can be a hassle as this task involves technical expertise & proficiency. Thus, it is always suggested to appoint a reliable & experienced automotive locksmith to replace your car keys.

Thanks to different innovations in the field of science & technology, it has become much easier to carry out a variety of tasks with convenience & ease. During the past few years, virtually every segment in the industry has witnessed development in some way or the other.

The development of keyless remotes has minimized the hassle of vehicle owners significantly. The compact design of this device lets car owners enjoy better convenience while handling their car. Also, you are able to perform a variety of tasks by push of a button with this user friendly device. You can start the ignition, open the door, roll down the window and carry out other functions remotely using this device.

These days, several advanced systems are made accessible in both the online as well as market. Designed by trustworthy brands, such systems allow you to remotely starting your car, without needing to use any keys. They also help the car owner turn on/off the lights & the AC from far away.

Radio waves play a key role to transmit radio waves in a keyless remote system. These waves run between the receiver set which is set up inside the vehicle and the remote. When you press a remote button, it transmits the radio waves of a particular frequency which are then received by the receiver. As soon as the code matches, it permits access to the vehicle.

Today, virtually every car model comes with a built-in remote system. If your vehicle does not have this feature, you can easily set it up inside a few hours with the help of an expert locksmith service.

In addition, you can also purchase keyless car systems on the internet. Most times, your shipment will be shipped inside 24 hours or less after purchase. There are a number of stores on the internet which are involved in offering various models designed by popular brands. Besides, you can also evaluate the cost along with the features of each system on different websites online.

The set up procedure of this device can be a complex procedure, it might not suit everybody. Hence, it’s recommended to hire an experienced and trained locksmith to carry out the task.

In case you’re wondering what happens if the device is misplaced or lost, know that losing a key won’t need you to replace the whole system. You could easily walk to the store of a nearby key maker to order a replacement key by giving the specs of your vehicle.

Furthermore, there are several online stores which are offering services to replace lost, stolen damaged vehicle keys. These stores offer services such as programming and duplication of spare keys along with remote programming. You simply have to submit the required details in regards to the lost key along with the model of your vehicle.

You can find a number of organizations engaged in offering services related to car remote replacement, spare key and transponder programming. Like us! If you live in the Houston area then you will be happy to hear that we are one of the leading providers of automotive locksmith services in the community. Contact us today.

transponder keyWhile some of you might have suffered a car accident, automotive theft is among those things you may consider as a low possibility.

The bad news is, automotive theft is a common fact of life. Analysis from a number of experts indicates the requirement to implement a definite protective plan to avoid such incidence.

Obviously, you perhaps have been cautioned in regards to all the vehicle theft situations before. You know very well that you need to pick a well-lit area whenever parking your vehicle. You also understand that all the windows and doors of your car need to be properly locked & that you must not leave keys dangling within the vehicle.

Below we have listed some of the tried and tested suggestions that might help you prevent any losses you would never wish to deal with.

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Automotive Theft

1. Setup lock safety devices

These devices can prove to be well worth their relatively cheap price and help you deter car thievery successfully:

Locks which are manufactured particularly for floor board, steering wheel, hood, tires or gear shift.

Deflators which can lock onto the valve stem in order to rapidly eliminate air out of the tires in the event your car is driven without deflator-detachment with the key.

2. Column collar lock to stop thieves from breaking into the steering to hot-wire the car.

Incorporate a device which can break the ignition action for a stranger. This includes setting up a wireless ignition authentication mechanism & a smart key which is able to identify the variable radio frequency or chip situated inside the car before it is started. In addition, you can also use cheaper gadgets which can perform this task in an effective manner. Here, you need to conceal the on/off system so that potential thieves cannot find them.

3. Engrave your vehicle with its vehicle id number or VIN

Experts believe that vehicles having VIN numbers incorporated in the windows, windshields, or similar visible areas are less likely to be exposed to car theft incidences. The reason is car thieves know the fact that cars having an identifiable mark can be easily detected by cops.

4. Set up a customized GPS tracker

It features compatible mobile app or software which are instantly send alerts to the user’s mobile phone or computer device. This helps you easily identify the exact location of your car. Besides, you can set up system which can track your car either via cell tech which is included with GPS or radio transmission. What’s more, the system might even enable you to shut down the remote engine without affecting other areas of your car.

5. Car magazines

In case you want to purchase a new vehicle, pay close attention to the list of most frequently stolen car models found in different car magazines. No matter if they include an auto security feature or not, they might still be an ideal target for thieves.

Imagine that today is a bad day for you as you have forgotten your home keys in the departmental store where you had gone for shopping few essentials for the next week. Cursing the day and your bad luck, it dawns you that you need to get help from a locksmith.

The good news is that you are new in the city and are not aware of a local locksmith who is reliable and trustworthy enough. Cribbing, you search online for local locksmith services. You find few contact numbers, dial them to know that they are counter-asking you whether you want a commercial locksmith or an automotive locksmith.

The job a locksmith is to repair locks and keys, right? Well, your logic is wrong as there are three different types of locksmiths who cater to the varying security needs and specifications of the customers. It’s time for enlightenment to know more about locksmiths and their specific services for resolving lock and key concerns. One can never predict when a lock and key emergency will arise. Hence, it is always advisable to know about local locksmiths well in advance.

The three main different types of locksmiths are residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths and automotive locksmiths.

Residential locksmith:

The primary job of a residential locksmith is to replace or repair locks of your home or duplicate your home keys. Thus, if you have any lock and key issue at home, then you are supposed to contact a residential locksmith in your area. Residential locksmiths are specialized in inspecting your home and make it more safe and secure. For instance, the locksmith can provide safety to your windows and doors with a double-lock system. Even entry gates and other external places can also be safeguarded with specific advice of residential locksmiths.

Commercial locksmith:

Locks in home and locks in office are not the same. There is considerable difference between the security system installed at home and in the office premises. Office premises or commercial premises need higher level of security system and devices. Commercial locksmiths are specialized in providing locksmith services for office premises and related places such as doors, file cabinets, safes, etc. All locks in an office are not targeted for security. For instance, installation of panic bars is a legal requirement in business organizations. This device helps the workers to have a safe exit mode in case of emergencies.

Automotive locksmith:

When you get locked out of your car or your car keys get damaged, you need to call an automotive locksmith. Auto locksmiths have high level of expertise in programming of transponder keys, duplicating keys instantly, etc. They can work on various types and brands of vehicles.

Thus, experienced locksmiths are of three types. Nowadays, one can find locksmith companies who have recruited all the three types of locksmiths so that they can fulfil varied security needs of customers. However, a person needs to have a basic knowledge of the different types of locksmiths. Next time when you call a locksmith company, you will know which type of locksmith can help you resolving your lock or key issue.

Learn more about locksmith services:

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The last thing many folk think about is whether they are going to be locked out of their own home. Many people think this is never something that will happen to them. However, it can easily happen at any point in time. You may be in a rush when you suddenly close the door and find that you have locked your keys in the house. You may have your car keys attached to your house keys. Of course, this can be hugely frustrating. This is where you need a locksmith to help you out. Of course, when you don’t have their number in your contact list it can become tricky.

This is why it is always recommended that you have the number typed into your phone. Being organized like this will save you a lot of frustration and time. Essentially, you want a locksmith with a good reputation. You need someone who is reliable and who you know is going to deliver the goods on time.

There are certain professionals who stand out, so you need to do the research beforehand. There are also people who will charge you different rates. Some of them are more reasonable than others. This is another factor to take into consideration. References can make you feel a lot more confident as well. This will help you to feel more confident about the person you intend working with.

You may have locked yourself out of your car in an isolated spot. It is not uncommon to have lost your car keys or to have forgotten them in a restaurant. You may be all alone in a parking lot with nobody to turn to. In a case like this you will need a locksmith who can attend to the problem at all hours of the day or night. There are qualified and experienced professionals that are available who will sort you out in no time at all. In a case like this, you don’t want to be searching on your mobile phone for someone who will come and attend to the problem.

You would have wished that you had been organized when you are standing in an isolated spot, locked out of your car, not knowing what to do. Before you start to do your research, it is important to realize that there are locksmiths who will present you with scams. You need to know how to recognize these.

At the end of the day, you will benefit by taking advantage of word of mouth as well as good references. This is what is going to save you in the future. Speaking to family members and close friends and finding out more about their views regarding these services is always a reliable approach. More so, you want to locate a locksmith who can offer you options as far as the most secure locks possible. Be more secure. Feel more secure.

Whether you are planning to establish a locksmith business or you want to replenish supplies, you need the right set of tools. Without the right tools, you will not be able to offer quality service. Worse still, you might leave behind offended customers, and your reputation could suffer. If you are looking for the best tools for your trade, you will have to keep a few things in mind.

Quality –

Picking locks is not an easy task. Whether you are making a forced entry by removing locks or picking a lock using more sophisticated methods, you need to ensure that your tools are up to the task. Durable tools will last long, ensuring that you don’t have to spend money on replacement. You will also be assured of best service, without worrying about picks being left inside locks and similar issues. As such, you should look for tools manufactured from high quality materials such as non corrosive stainless steel.


Depending on your specialization, you would want to shop for tools from a store that stocks the type of equipment you need. Some stores specialize in automotive locksmith tools; others are geared toward tools for opening residential doors. Similarly, you can shop for tools for opening safes. Some stores stock all types of tools, and have an extensive catalogue that is routinely updated. You will find the best products at stores that offer tools that match your requirements.

Educational materials –

It is not uncommon for stores selling locksmith tools to offer educational materials, so that you can acquaint yourself with the design and working of a tool, and make the right choices when purchasing tools. Some sellers even offer courses for locksmiths. You can look at the buyer guides that the seller supplies, to ensure that you purchase the right products. Since technology is constantly evolving, you need to keep upgrading your knowledge to remain competitive in business.

Locksmith supplies-

While tools for installing, removing, fitting, and upgrading locks, nuts and bolts, and other access related fittings is part of your job, you might be called on to change locks, upgrade existing security, and copy keys. As such, you might need to have on standby supplies such as key copiers, new bolts and locks, and other items. This is particularly true if you are offering your services on 24/7 basis, or you have an emergency that requires immediate response.
Being properly stocked with the right tools and supplies well in advance will help you respond quickly to urgent situations, and gain the trust of customers. More so, having all of the latest tools available in the locksmith trade makes the end service just that much better. Better services and happy customers. That is how we do it here at My Locksmith Houston!

Home Security Checklist

This home security checklist offers 5 tips that I found useful. Thank you. -Bob M.

Keep valuables stored out of view

Most small time criminals are opportunists. You are much less likely to get burglarized if you do not tempt thieves with your valuables.. Dirtbikes, art, tools, etc should be stowed away and kept out of sight.

Insure that there is adequate exterior lighting

Many criminals like to hide in dark places in order to find the right moment to break into a property. By installing exterior lights around your property you will be 5 times more secure.

Always check your locks

Do you check your locks when you leave to insure that all doors and windows are locked? This is the most simple thing that you can do to improve the overall security of your home.

Install a high quality surveillance system

Surveillance systems are not only a way to prosecute criminals but they are also a good deterrent. The installation of a high quality surveillance system will improve your overall security drastically.

Purchase high quality locks.

Most doors have to be up to code as mandated by the City. You can count on doors to be relatively secure. The weakest point is the lock. The purchase of higher quality locks insures a higher level of security.

Want to learn more? Great, visit our blog today:


Commonly used Tools by Locksmiths

A doctor needs stethoscope for examining his patients. A surgeon needs medical devices to perform a surgery. Similarly, a locksmith needs certain devices, equipment and tools for opening and repairing locks, and performing other locksmith services. A trained and skilled locksmith will know the correct procedure to use a tool. Locksmith gains adequate knowledge of the basic and additional tools during the classroom training and apprenticeship period. Moreover, locksmiths need to be intuitive in using the right tool at the right time.

Following are must-have locksmith tools to resolve security concerns of any customer:

Plug Spinner:
This is to revert locks. This tool is used for lifting, rotating and moving the plug. As the locksmith is well aware about exact positioning of the lock components, he knows how to use plug spinner.

Computerized Picks:
Complicated tasks do not require use of plug spinners. Instead, computerized picks are utilized. It helps in opening of combination locks. Computerized picks are comprised of advanced elements for configuring different patterns and pins.

Electric Pick Gun:
It works like the traditional electric drill. It is available along with various sizes of picks.

Key Extractors:
These are handy devices for locksmiths. In certain cases, the key is broken into more number of pieces and some of the pieces get stuck in the keyhole itself. For removing these key pieces, locksmiths utilize key extractors.

Tension Wrenches:
The three types of tension wrenches are: light, medium and rigid. The locksmith is supposed to carry all the three types of tension wrenches and use it depending upon the situation. As the name suggests, these tools help in applying pressure on the shear line for opening the lock.

These tools are basic locksmith tools needed in a locksmith’s kit. Other kinds of locksmith tools are deadbolt installation tools, hammers, router drills, and key cutting tools. The locksmith must be well versed in using the tools according to the nature of the situation. If an improper tool is used, it may cause damage or breaking of the lock itself. If locksmith uses correct tool in the right manner, then he can perform the job very well and can gain favorable feedback from the customer.

Going on a holiday to Hawaii or Paris seems exhilarating to you. You have booked your flight tickets, done hotel reservations, packed your favorite jerseys, packed camera and so on. Hey, but are you forgetting anything? Yes, you are leaving your lovely home behind. Your favorite space, personal room, valuables, electronic devices, expensive furniture, etc.
It is a challenge to safeguard your home when you are away on a holiday or on a business trip, along with your family members. Our home is a part of our life

Following are the significant aspects to be taken care of in the home security checklist:

  • Visibility of the valuables from the street
  • Visibility of the doors and windows from the street
  • Material of doors – is it wood or metal or any other?
  • Brightness in the entry route and pathways
  • Visibility of the house number from the street
  • Visibility of the person opening the door
  • Availability of cell phone in case of cutting of telephone lines
  • Availability of spare keys with the neighbor
  • During traveling, collection of mail at the post office
  • Monitoring of your home through yard signs or any other aspect
  • Access of fire extinguishers in the interior part of your home
  • Use of deadbolt locks on all the interior doors and front door
  • Installation of motion-sensor lights
  • Locks on sliding doors
  • Secondary locks on windows
  • Recording details of your personal property
  • Storage of valuables in a safe vault or deposit
  • Awareness about your neighbors
  • Places where you leave your house key in case of emergency
  • Locking of backyard gate, grills, bikes, etc.
  • Locking of doors at several occasions
  • Shredding of unnecessary documents prior to its disposal
  • Kind of fitting of doors into the frames
  • Watch program of the neighbors, if any
  • Rekeying of the doors since your moving in
  • Recent break-ins your neighboring area
  • Securing mail slots, pet places and vents
  • Brightness in the exterior part of your home
  • Home alarm systems and its regular monitoring
  • Installation of surveillance cameras and their proper functioning
  • Proper functioning of carbon monoxide detectors
    Proper functioning of smoke detectors
  • Storage of ladders and tools in a safe area
  • Installation of a home security system
  • Details of your residential locksmith recorded in your mobile and address book

A business owner is well-versed with the significance of security. The company owns various significant assets such as cash, documents, files, and other valuables. Even the documents and papers in an office are vital for its survival.

The commercial locksmiths duly validate your security needs and provide a wide range of commercial locksmith services such as locks, keys and systems, etc.

Once you have realized the need of a commercial locksmith, you need to choose the most reliable and professional commercial locksmith company. The commercial locksmith company should be such that it fulfils the security needs of the customers at the first place.

The various commercial locksmith services can be listed out as follows:

  • Commercial and emergency lockouts
  • Master key systems
  • Security locks and keys (with excellent durability and security level)
  • Door Alarm systems
  • Full Door service
  • Replacement of locks and keys
  • Installation of higher security vaults
  • Keys and locks for file cabinets
  • Door Closers
  • Card access systems
  • Exit components
  • Intercom systems
  • Padlocks

Commercial locksmith services are designed exclusively for security needs of commercial properties. As a business needs to maintain files and documents, file cabinet locks and keys are used. Specific alarm systems are installed for interior as well as exterior doors.

The team of commercial locksmith companies is well trained and skilled in providing different services to offices and commercial properties at reasonable rates.
Every business setting has different working hours. It will be a chaotic situation if a business owner is locked out at any point of time during business hours. Hence, every business owner needs to record contact details of commercial locksmith services. In case of emergency situations, employees can call the commercial locksmith company to avail services at any point of time during the day.

Thus, commercial locksmith companies are one-stop solutions to resolve security needs of business enterprises. In case of any damage to your locks or keys, you need not worry about. The commercial locksmith companies fix the damages in least possible time. The keys provided by the commercial locksmith companies are such that they cannot be copied by other unauthorized persons.

lock2Thеrе аrе mаnу locksmith tools fоr mаnу dіffеrеnt jobs, аnd оbvіоuѕlу thеѕе аrе gоіng tо differ frоm job tо job. Furthermore, іf уоu lock уоur keys іn thе car оr leave уоur spare keys іn thе house but dо nоt hаvе а main primary one, уоu соuld benefit frоm hаvіng ѕоmе locksmith implements available. It іѕ nоt а good idea tо trу tо uѕе keys thаt don’t fit, оr оthеr implements tо trу аnd gеt bасk іntо уоur car оr house. Yоu nееd ѕоmе decent professional tools thаt wіll nоt break оr damage internal locking mechanisms.

Thеrе аrе mаnу keys thаt fit mаnу dіffеrеnt locks; еvеrуthіng frоm vehicles, tо toolboxes, аnd homes tо garages. Thеrе аrе ѕеvеrаl locksmith tools thаt саn bе uѕеd fоr а host оf dіffеrеnt situations. It іѕ рrоbаblу а good idea tо consult wіth оur locksmith professionals whо knоwѕ whаt thеу аrе doing, аnd gеttіng а load оf keys copied. Thаt way, іf уоu leave а couple оf copies іn thе house, уоu wіll аlwауѕ hаvе а fеw оthеrѕ handy іn уоur purse оr gym bag. Thіѕ саn happen еѕресіаllу іf уоu аrе іn а rush, оr nееd tо bе somewhere. Yоu саnnоt bе а million places аt once.

Sоmеtіmеѕ gеttіng copies оf keys wіll nоt cut it. In thіѕ situation, іt mау bе worth investing іn locksmith tools, оr tool sets. Thіѕ way, еvеn іf уоu leave уоur primary keys іn thе house, аnd аlѕо аll thе copies іn уоur house, whісh іѕ pretty unlikely, уоu саn uѕе thе lock pick уоu hаvе оn уоu frоm уоur tool kit, аnd gеt access tо уоur home оr car. Anоthеr good idea іѕ tо mаkе copies fоr relatives оr friends thаt mау live close by. Thіѕ way, іf уоu forget уоur main keys аnd thеіr copies, уоu саn contact уоur friends аnd relatives tо соmе аnd give уоu а hand tо gеt іntо thе house. Find bеlоw thе list fоr ѕоmе locksmith tools аnd whаt thеу аrе meant for.

Plug spinners аrе uѕеd tо flip plugs tо thе unlocked position bу applying pressure tо thе lock.

Tension wrenches аrе uѕеd tо аllоw pressure tо bе applied tо thе side оf а cylinder lock key slot іn order tо аllоw pins tо slide correctly іntо thе shear line. Basically thіѕ tool аllоwѕ thе free uѕе оf bоth оf уоur hands іnѕtеаd оf јuѕt оnе whіlе thе оthеr applies turning pressure (the tension wrench kеерѕ а steady pressure оn thе shear line іnѕtеаd оf уоur hand).

Electric pick guns – electric lockpicking tools wіth removable lockpick tips. Thеrе аrе spring electric pick guns аnd electric pick guns. Bоth work оn thе ѕаmе principal – inserting thе lock pick tip іntо thе lock аnd making іt hit thе bottom pin stack. Thіѕ mаkеѕ thе pins jump uр іn thеіr slots аnd pass thе shear-line; іf аll pins pass thе shear line аt thе ѕаmе time thе plug саn bе moved аnd thе lock wіll open.

But whаt іf you’re nоt а locksmith? Cаn uѕіng home makeshift items provide thе ѕаmе effect? Well, whаt dо уоu think? Thе answer іѕ NO. Fоr simple locks сеrtаіn items lying аrоund thе house mіght dо thе trick, hоwеvеr іn аll cases thеѕе makeshift techniques wіll tаkе muсh longer аnd wіll damage еіthеr уоur lock cylinder, break tumbler pins оr еvеn damage door handles door frames аnd painting. Whеn іt соmеѕ tо gеttіng locksmith related task processed, іt pays tо аllоw оur professionals tаkе care оf it.