Prevent auto theft with these simple steps

transponder keyWhile some of you might have suffered a car accident, automotive theft is among those things you may consider as a low possibility.

The bad news is, automotive theft is a common fact of life. Analysis from a number of experts indicates the requirement to implement a definite protective plan to avoid such incidence.

Obviously, you perhaps have been cautioned in regards to all the vehicle theft situations before. You know very well that you need to pick a well-lit area whenever parking your vehicle. You also understand that all the windows and doors of your car need to be properly locked & that you must not leave keys dangling within the vehicle.

Below we have listed some of the tried and tested suggestions that might help you prevent any losses you would never wish to deal with.

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Automotive Theft

1. Setup lock safety devices

These devices can prove to be well worth their relatively cheap price and help you deter car thievery successfully:

Locks which are manufactured particularly for floor board, steering wheel, hood, tires or gear shift.

Deflators which can lock onto the valve stem in order to rapidly eliminate air out of the tires in the event your car is driven without deflator-detachment with the key.

2. Column collar lock to stop thieves from breaking into the steering to hot-wire the car.

Incorporate a device which can break the ignition action for a stranger. This includes setting up a wireless ignition authentication mechanism & a smart key which is able to identify the variable radio frequency or chip situated inside the car before it is started. In addition, you can also use cheaper gadgets which can perform this task in an effective manner. Here, you need to conceal the on/off system so that potential thieves cannot find them.

3. Engrave your vehicle with its vehicle id number or VIN

Experts believe that vehicles having VIN numbers incorporated in the windows, windshields, or similar visible areas are less likely to be exposed to car theft incidences. The reason is car thieves know the fact that cars having an identifiable mark can be easily detected by cops.

4. Set up a customized GPS tracker

It features compatible mobile app or software which are instantly send alerts to the user’s mobile phone or computer device. This helps you easily identify the exact location of your car. Besides, you can set up system which can track your car either via cell tech which is included with GPS or radio transmission. What’s more, the system might even enable you to shut down the remote engine without affecting other areas of your car.

5. Car magazines

In case you want to purchase a new vehicle, pay close attention to the list of most frequently stolen car models found in different car magazines. No matter if they include an auto security feature or not, they might still be an ideal target for thieves.

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