Feel secure. Be secure with our free security audit services.

securityHere at My Locksmith in Houston we offer free security audits to all businesses and home owners in and around the Houston area. These free services are our way of giving back to the people of Houston and to insure that you are safe and secure. Give us a call right now to book your appointment.

Can you rest easy wondering if your home or business is safe and secure?

With our free security audits you will be able to rest easy knowing that you are secure. Because it is just not worth risking your valuables and your family to the potential threats waiting for you out side.

Multi-step security audit will get you back on track and secure.

During your free security audit we will cover all bases. From the front entry way of the property, potential points of entry through windows, to skylights, the security audit that you receive from us will cover everything. We will then provide you with a process map including the things that you can do to better secure your property. Whether it is installing stronger locks, more locks, window locks, and in some cases we might even recommend the installation of higher security doors to add the ultimate protection to your property.

We will check the following security concerns and more:

  • Function of locks
  • Quality of locks
  • Security of doors
  • Window security
  • Access to outbuildings
  • Garage door
  • Rooftop access
  • And more

Because our security audits are FREE you have nothing to lose.

As part of our commitment to the people of Houston Texas we offer our security audits for free to all residents and business owners who call us. You have nothing to lose and all to gain when you call us now to come over to your home or business to evaluate your location. When crime in Houston is on the rise you simply cannot risk not hiring our no cost security audit services here at My Locksmith in Houston.

We will never hard sell you our products or services.

These free security audit services are not about us making money, they are about truly helping people. Because we know that when we truly care and help people that ultimately we will be successful. And for the last 5 years this formula has been proven successful time and again for our locksmith business. – We are the winning formula!

No obligation when you call to schedule right now.

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